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Investing in our national security

Posted: 2013-10-29
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgRecently, the AIM Policy Center in cooperation with the Management Association of the Philippines, Makati Business Club, Employers Confederation of the Philippines, Asia Society, Chevron Philippines, American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc., Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, and Harvard Kennedy School and Tufts University Alumni organized a policy forum on “US, China, and ASEAN: The Evolving Realities in the West Philippine Sea.”


Bringing the 'public' back into 'Public Finance'

Posted: 2013-09-09
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgPerhaps for the first time since the pork barrel was introduced in our democracy in the 1920s there appears to be a wide opening to rethink not just the pork barrel, but how we conduct public finance in this country.


Why we should support the 4Ps

Posted: 2013-08-13
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgAt a recent forum on the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (or 4Ps) held at the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, experts from different government agencies and academic institutions discussed the rationale and the feasibility of extending and expanding the program.


Pork: Killing our democracy softly

Posted: 2013-07-29
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgEach Congressman receives pork barrel funds of about P70 Million per year; and each Senator receives P200 Million per year. For a Congressman who manages a successful 9 year run, that’s P630 Million; and for a Senator that’s almost P2 billion.


Ready to Compete

Posted: 2013-07-27
Category: Opinion


The imminent creation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 will result in a common market of about 600 million people, dwarfing the EU’s 500 million and NAFTA’s over 400 million.


Just let the people decide

Posted: 2013-06-07
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgThe title of this article was the response of one of our former Presidents, when he was asked about the rise of political dynasties in the Philippines. He overcame a plunder conviction and was recently elected Mayor of Manila.


Why PH improves in competitiveness ranking

Posted: 2013-05-31
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgMANILA, Philippines - In this year’s World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY), the Philippines climbed 5 notches compared to 2012, from 43rd to 38th (ranked out of 60 countries).



An even more exclusive Senate?

Posted: 2013-04-29
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgIn the final mile of the 2013 Senate race, the most recent and final pre-election SWS poll (released earlier this week) potentially sees nine out of 12 administration candidates making it to the magic 12.


Does investment grade matter for inclusive growth?

Posted: 2013-03-29
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgThe Philippines has just achieved another key milestone — an upgrade to “investment grade” status. Investment grade typically ushers two possible benefits.



People power or dynasty power?

Posted: 2013-02-18
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgSome 27 years after the "EDSA People Power Revolution" that toppled the Marcos dictatorship in 1986, clan politics continues to thrive in the Philippines.



Dissecting the vote on the RH bill

Posted: 2013-01-13
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgOn Dec 12, 2012, the House of Representatives voted on HB 4244 (An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development). The draft bill advanced to the second reading by a very slim margin of 113 “ayes” to 104 “nayes.” Three solons abstained and 62 others did not cast their votes.


Daring greatly

Posted: 2013-01-04
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgThe Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10354) is the result of at least over a decade of advocacy by those who would see Filipino families gain universal access to contraception methods, fertility control, sex education, and maternal care.


Global Rebalancing 2.0

Posted: 2012-09-25
Category: Opinion

vox.jpgWhen the issue of global rebalancing first emerged, it was focused squarely on the trade imbalance between China and the US. However, the global economic turbulence of 2009-2010 and the subsequent economic fragility and uncertainty enveloping much of the global economy, has begun to underscore how broad this issue really is.


Land titling for inclusive growth

Posted: 2012-08-14
Category: Opinion

inquirer.jpgPromoting inclusive growth is the cornerstone of P-Noy’s development plan. Here’s a simple way to summarize the over-all effort. The “growth” part of the strategy is linked to the effort to boost infrastructure, improve economic competitiveness and drum-up private sector investments (e.g., PPPs or Public-Private Partnerships).


South China Sea: The heavy price of conflict

Posted: 2012-05-01
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgA series of events contributed to the escalation of tensions in the West Philippine Sea (or South China Sea depending on which beach you’re standing on), including the recent build-up of Chinese military hardware, Vietnam’s decision to pursue its oil and gas exploration in collaboration with the Indian company OGCC, and the Philippines’ recent joint military exercises with the United States. (photo source:

Dynasties in democracies: The political side of inequality

Posted: 2012-03-12
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgThis column looks at political dynasties, where leadership is passed down through family ties, to see if these are a cause of the persistent social and economic divides. (photo source:


Mathematics and economic pie

Posted: 2012-02-29
Category: Opinion

rappler.jpgProf. Ron Mendoza talks about the proverbial “economic pie." (photo source:



Curing the ‘Bigger C’

Posted: 2012-01-24
Category: Opinion

inquirer.jpgIn this article, I refer to cancer of a much larger and more pernicious nature. Thankfully, possible cures for Corruption are now also being developed in a growing number of countries across the industrialized and developing world. (by Ronald U. Mendoza)


The annual SWS survey review

Posted: 2012-01-21
Category: Opinion

inquirer-opinion.jpgBy Mr. Mahar Mangahas
This was an article posted via Inquirer News

Mr. Mahar Mangahas summarizes the SWS Survey of 2011.


A middle ground on mining

Posted: 2011-06-06
Category: Opinion

business-world.jpgBy Ronald U. Mendoza
This was published in BusinessWorld.



A bad time to be poor

Posted: 2011-04-18
Category: Opinion

inquirer.jpgBy Ronald Mendoza
This was published in Philippine Daily Inquirer.



$60B in PH foreign reserves: An embarrassment of riches?

Posted: 2011-04-04
Category: Opinion

inquirer.jpgBy Ronald U. Mendoza
This was published in Philippine Daily Inquirer.