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High Productivity Growth: Enabling an Efficient Poverty Reduction Strategy for the Philippines

Posted: 2015-06-30
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The second workshop of the Towards Zero Poverty workshop series was divided into two sessions, “Rebalancing Growth” and “Growing Inclusive Markets in Agriculture.” The event was focused on developing concrete policies promoting structural transformation and boosting productivity. NEDA Director-General Dr. Arsenio Balisacan welcomed the participants of the workshop and Executive Director of the AIM RSN Policy Center for Competitiveness Dr. Ronald Mendoza provided an overview of the project. Dr. Emmanuel De Dios of the UP School of Economics opened the roundtable discussion.

Delving into the relevance of rebalancing growth for improving multisectoral productivity, the first speaker, Dr. Jesus Felipe of the Asian Development Bank emphasized the potential of the manufacturing sector in generating more and better jobs. The succeeding discussion among the members of the panel highlighted the need for the development of industrial policies in the Philippines that will increase the number and the quality of jobs across all sectors. 
On the other hand, the second half of the workshop began with Dr. Raul Fabella’s presentation. The National Scientist stressed the importance of developing the agricultural sector where most impoverished Filipinos belong. He also emphasized the need to increase productivity by adopting agrarian reform and ensuring the efficient flow of resources from the production of high value crops. 
After the spirited exchange of ideas between the panelists, Dr. De Dios capped off the event by summarizing the discussions and Mr. Titon Mitra of the UNDP concluded the workshop with his closing remarks. The event is expected to provide a policy paper that synthesizes strategies, recommendations and insights collected in the event. 
The second workshop was held on June 29, 2015 at the NEDA Boardroom, Pasig City with the theme “High Productivity Growth: Enabling an efficient Poverty Reduction Strategy for the Philippines.” 
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