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AIM Policy Center Holds International Conference on Competition Policy

Posted: 2013-06-07


Last 06 June 2013, The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Social and Economic Governance Programme Asia (SOPAS) in Tokyo, in cooperation with the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center (APC), hosted a conference entitled Competition Policies as Instruments of Social and Economic Development: Asian Perspectives.

The event featured experts from all over Asia speaking on competition policy and discussing related issues from an Asian view. The speakers came from a variety of backgrounds, from the government, to the academe, and the private sector.

The conference focused both on the state and history of competition policies in Asia, as well as the direction it is heading. The issue of competition policies has become more relevant with the ASEAN economic integration fast approaching, as the region faces the challenge of differing competition policies and laws.

Competition policy responds to the need to protect both consumers and business, using laws and policies that both prevent and punish anti-competitive behavior. However, there is no consensus as to what the best policies are, and more so on how to best implement them.

The challenge faced for the Philippines and for the region continues to be creating and implementing competition policies that promote social and economic welfare.

Click here to download the conference synthesis.

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FIRST SESSION – An Overview: Competition Policy in Asia

SECOND SESSION – Competition Policies to Foster Widespread Private Sector Growth


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Manuel D. Cantos


Dear Sir:
Do you have extra copies of the materials distributed? Can I request for a set? I was involved in competition policy in my government job (NEDA) after spending 3 weeks in Canberra on a WTO seminar. Part of the program is a meeting w/ Australia's Competition & Consumer Commission. Thank you.

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