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EPA Research Grant Winners

Posted: 2013-05-24
Category: EPA Announcements

Congratulations to the 10 winners of the EPA research grants. They will be presenting the initial results of their study in a workshop in Tagaytay City, Philippines from June 14-15, 2013. The event, however, is not open to the public. The final papers will be presented in an international conference in Cebu City, Philippines in November. Kindly see the conference page for more details.

  1. Zafar Nazarov and Alisher Akhmedjonov (Uzbekistan)
    “If Monetary Policy Matters, Then How? The Effect of Monetary Policy on Firm Innovation in Transition Economies”

  2. Roberto Martin Galang, Rouselle Lavado, and Gabriel Angelo Domingo (Philippines)
    “Why Do Firms Say that Governments are Corrupt? Assessing the Impact of Industry, Local Government and Firm-Level Characteristics on Corruption Perceptions”

  3. Jiangyong Lu and Seong-jin Choi  (China)
    “Whether lobbying and bribery activities help firms to overcome growth obstacles and when are they more helpful: Evidence from developing economies”

  4. Piriya Pholphirul and Pungpond Rukumnuaykit (Thailand)
    “Do Immigration promote Innovation?: Evidences from Thai Manufacturers”

  5. Trung Dang Le (Vietnam)
    “SME Growth and Survival: Explaining Vietnam’s Missing Middle”

  6. Michael Ralph  Abrigo and Kris Francisco (Philippines)
    “Spatial Convergence and Network Spillovers in MSMEs in the Philippines”

  7. Nirosha Hewa Wellalage, Geeta Rani Duppati, and Fitriya Fauzi (Sri Lanka)
    “Institutional factors create additional glass ceiling: Evidence from South-Asian region female owned SMEs external financing”

  8. Subash S., Rajesh Raj S. N., and M Suresh Babu  (India)
    “Barriers to Growth among Informal Sector Enterprises in India”

  9. Altay Mussurov and Zhansulu Baikenova (Kazakhstan)
    “Gender and Entrepreneurial Activity: Empirical Evidence from Kazakhstan”

  10. Mehmet Özcan and Emin Ahmet Kaplan (Turkey)
    “Classification of Innovative Structures of Asian Economies: An Approach Using Clustering Analysis”




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